Data Workshop Series: Excel Advanced Topics - VLOOKUP

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PRESENTERS     Angela Morgan, KIPP Foundation and Katie Newmark, KIPP DC

AUDIENCE     School Data Users (Preference will be given to LEAs)

DETAILS  This workshop will be a deep dive into concepts that will give school data users the ability to combine data from two or more sources. The workshop will focus on the Excel function VLOOKUP for those with limited or no experience using VLOOKUP. The ability to dynamically lookup and retrieve information is a game-changer for many DC education data users. In addition, this concept is important to know for anyone interested in later learning SQL. 

Prerequisite topics covered at basics session: Formatting, basic calculations, ROUND, MIN/MAX, SUM/AVERAGE/MEDIAN/MODE, COUNT, COUNTA, Absolute Cell Referencing, IF, keyboard shortcuts.

Light refreshments will be provided.

February 11th, 2020 9:00 AM   through   11:00 AM
Event Fee(s)
VSP $ 20.00
Other $ 50.00
Event Tags
Audience Targeted (L) - School Leader, (D) - Data Manager, (H) - Human Resources Manager
Subject Matter Data
Strand Business, Operations and Compliance
Activity Workshop

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