Friends of Choice in Urban Schools (FOCUS) is now the DC Charter School Alliance!

Please visit to learn about our new organization and to see the latest news and information related to DC charter schools.

The FOCUS DC website is online to see historic information, but is not actively updated.

Student Data Analysis

Assessment analysis including: subgroup performance, correlations, classroom level performance. Results shared in charts, graphs, and written reports as requested. Quick turn-around and end of year options available.

Data Cleaning and Storage

Clean current data, create master data roster, provide school with business practices and templates to manage school level data in the future.

Annual Reports

Work with schools to identify data to include in annual report, conduct analysis and design visualizations and write ups.

Needs Assessment

Assess data process gaps and redundancies, provide recommendations to address needs.

Excel Training

Facilitate data related training for staff. Trainings include but are not limited to:
•    Beginner Formulas
•    Intermediate Functions
•    Data Visualization in Excel
•    Using Excel for Operational Data
•    Student Data Analysis in Excel

Student Information System and Data Storage Vendor Selection

Direct needs assessment, conduct research, present final report.

Board Presentations

Present performance data tailored to school and board needs.

Data Intern

FOCUS places skilled interns to work on data related projects for one school year.

FOCUS provides an initial consult to estimate hours and total cost of project. Unless otherwise specificed, most services are $100/hour.

For more information on data consulting contact Anne Herr at