Data Workshop Series: Key Steps for Data Validation

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TOPIC                Data Validation

PRESENTERS  Kenli Okada, EmpowerK12

AUDIENCE       School Data Users (Preference will be given to LEAs)

DETAILS         This training will cover the data validation process, both at a high level and in-depth.  From finding the best data source and recreating calculations on your own to checking your results, we will make sure you know how to validate data.  We will use the attendance data validation process as a key example, but we will also have work time to help you think about other key data validations.


This workshop is intended for both new and experienced data managers.  If you have ever said the following, consider coming to this workshop:

  • "I'm really close, but we'll never get our numbers to match 100%, right?" (spoiler - yes, you can and should get your numbers to match 100% in many cases!)
  • "I'm not sure how OSSE got that number?"
  • “My boss told me to validate this data.... what does that mean?"


  • Ability to use VLOOKUP or MATCH
  • Some exposure to data processes.  For example, you should know what ADT is and what the enrollment audit data file is.
June 4th, 2019 9:00 AM   through   11:00 AM
VSP $ 30.00
Other $ 75.00
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Audience Targeted (D) - Data Manager
Subject Matter Data
Activity Workshop

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